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Our overlay pads are a universal fit, so they can be used with chairs of different manufacturers

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1-year warranty ?12-month warranty from the date of purchase. The manufacturer is liable only for manufacturing defects. This warranty doesn’t apply to defects caused by normal wear and tear or other defects appeared through the fault of the consumer:
— damaged overlay pad cover - stains, holes, tears;
— torn off and damaged fasteners;
— comfort level and the height of an overlay pad;
— unsanitary condition due to misuse;
— Slight sags caused by the body pressure (less than 4 cm).

Speedy dispatch for sets of standard sizes - within 3 days from our warehouse

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Our products
Memory effect
Vapour-permeable fabric
Fabrics of any colour
Universal applicability
Dental chair overlay pad with a headrest cushion “Slide”
More details
Memory effect
Vapour-permeable fabric
Fabrics of any colour
Universal applicability
Dental chair overlay pad with a headrest cushion “Wave”
More details
Customized sizes and colors
More details
A view from the expert!
What is the successful work of a dental clinic based on?

These are experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment, high quality medicines. However, it is equally important to provide comfortable conditions for clients.

A standard dental chair overlay pad from  Ltd “Tekspolimer” (maybe you write the name in a different way) provides comfort for clients during procedures. In addition to that, it protects the dental chair, prevents early wear and emphasizes the status of the interior in the clinic.

The dental chair overlay system includes a two-section overlay pad and a head-rest cushion which are easy to adjust to a dental chair

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Custom design
Configure your dental chair overlay pad:
Headrest cushion
+- 15$
Thickness of the core
+- 120$
Foot cover
Customized size
Number of sets
Final price: 450$
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Advantages of using dental chair overlay pads
100% protection of the dental chair upholstery
The overlay pad mattress provides 100% protection of the upholstery material against wear and tear eliminating any problems which may require repair, reupholstery or shutdown and result in loss of profit.
Allows dental practices to easily pass inspections
It allows to reduce the number of guidelines to follow from inspecting bodies when it is impossible to disinfect damaged upholstery material of a dental chair.
Income Growth
It allows for an income growth by expanding the range of items and services and favorable prices.
It increases patient comfort, especially during lengthy procedures.
Conceals upholstery defects
A dental chair overlay pad conceals defects of the upholstery (scratches, stains, rub marks) and gives a nice look to a dental chair. Thus, patients get a good impression from your dental clinic.
Special offer:
In October you get 50% off for every 3rd set
Скидка 50% на матрасы на установку
Color options
Choose the color for a dental chair overlay pad:
dark blue
These colors go well together with the colors in your interior design:
These colors go well together with the colors in your interior design:
These colors go well together with the colors in your interior design:
These colors go well together with the colors in your interior design:
These colors go well together with the colors in your interior design:
These colors go well together with the colors in your interior design:
These colors go well together with the colors in your interior design:
Color chart
Through the possibility of choosing colors our dental chair overlay pads not only effectively carry out their main functions but also embellish the interior of a dental clinic.
Memory Foam
The core materia
Just 4 cm of the core material with a memory effect foam takes the stress off of common sensitive pressure points (neck, shoulders, lower back, hips) by evenly distributing weight all over the surface, in addition, it helps to support your body along the curves and natural lines. The material effectively reacts to body heat becoming softer and fills into the curves. This makes you feel as if you are floating in water.
Cover material
100% water-proof and breathable medical grade material made of polyurethane coated mesh fabric. Soft and elastic fabric reacts and adapts its behavior to the body lying on it. The cover can be quickly wiped and sanitized, allowing it to be used continuously.
How we work
We receive a request from a client
Our sales-representative gives you a call in order to clarify details of your order
We send our commercial offer within 24 hours
The client confirms the order
We send the invoice and the contract to the client
The parties sign a supply contract and the client makes an advanced payment
Products are shipped
Send a request for the whole-sale price list

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Wholesale minimum order is 39600 rub
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About us
LTD “Tekspolimer” is a manufacturer
of waterproof soft equipment
The core competence of our company is the production of waterproof soft equipment: overlay pad covers, overlay pads, roller pillows and elbow pads for a blood draw. Our products are designed for use in healthcare and social care organizations as well as in hospitals and homes.
More info about our production
A message from our CEO
My greetings to you,
dear partners!
My greetings to you, dear partners!

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude for your interest in our products and for visiting our website. I am going to tell you briefly why our company is engaged in the manufacture of dental chair overlay pads. We manufacture dental chair overlay pads because we want to significantly prolong the lifespan of your expensive dental chairs by reducing direct patient contact with the chair’s upholstery. It will save you a great deal of money on reupholstery services.

With our dental chair overlay pads you provide patients with an increased level of comfort during treatment procedures. Based on the reviews from many patients and dental practitioners, spending long times in a dental chair can cause a stiff back, which makes a patient feel more uncomfortable. As for a doctor, it causes additional inconveniences during treatment procedures and increases the risk of dental injuries.

These days when a customer has a wide choice of options where and how much to spend, it is highly important to win this competition and provide the customer with such a level of comfort and service that, if need be, will encourage them to return to your business.
Rozhnev Igor Sergeevich
Our production
Total area
500 m2
30 people
Production capacity
70000 pieces a year
More info about our production
Our clients
Social care
Will it fit my dental chair?

Our overlay pad is a universal fit, designed in universal sizes, so it can fit any dental chair regardless of a type, manufacturer or year of manufacture.

How do you deliver your overlay pad?

Free delivery is carried out by a delivery service DHL. It is picked up from the terminal in Kirov and delivered to the client’s door.

How is the overlay pad secured to a dental chair?

Our overlay pad and headrest cushion are secured behind a dental chair with the help of touch fasteners. Each overlay pad and headrest cushion feature a pair of touch fasteners. It is easy and quick to fasten.

How should I pay for the order?

You can pay for your order when you receive an invoice created and sent to your email by our manager.

Do you have any special terms for trading companies?

We offer a special system of discounts and a partner program for trading companies. Just contact our manager to negotiate the terms.

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